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Agility Christmas

We had a fun Zen Dog Agility Christmas party this year with our friends. Here is one of the group shots.





Double Date

We went out with the Lowry’s the other night and had a great time! We went to the Fear Factory Haunted House in Salt Lake. It was fun taking the Zombie bus there, but the walk back…. a little chilly in a shady part of town! Haha! I think a good time was had by all. wpid-1446084584.jpg wpid-1446084603.jpg

Last Hoorah…

Before packing up the rides for the winter, we cruised to the Bo Huff memorial show to give a good last hoorah to the cruisin’ season. It almost rained us out, and we might have gotten a little sprinkled on while driving home… Sad time of year, but a good way to end it. wpid-snapchat-5719324134591060700.jpg


Josh and Brooke (and Pam) took me to my first Real Salt Lake game this weekend. Even though it might have rained on us a little, it was a fun night! They have great seats and I’m glad there was an extra for me!


Good find!

I’ve been finding lots of pictures online from the Kulture Krash. This one is one of my favorites, it shows how most of the day was spent. Hangin’ out!thanks2frank%20-%20Kulture%20Krash%20-%20Oct%202015%20091

Little Monsters!

Happy Halloween 2015!

wpid-20151012_071848.jpg wpid-20151012_071838.jpg wpid-20151012_071709.jpg

Kulture Krash II

This last weekend was the 2nd annual Kulture Krash. It. was. amazing. I LOVED it!! They had a “Living Dead Girl” Pin-Up contest and a bunch of girls dressed up.  My friend, Malibu, came and did my hair and makeup and it turned out great, too! There were over 300 cars that came this year. The show is put on by artists, so there a huge art auction, and they raised lots of money for teens and kids. Because this is a show put on by artists, there were only “Artist’s Choice” awards and we got one from Abnormal Norman!! Brandon was so excited abo  ut that, too! I loved the whole day!

wpid-screenshot_2015-10-10-16-35-29.png wpid-img951188.jpg wpid-img951183.jpg



Sweet moments…

I can’t get enough of these pictures that captured the emotional conversation between Brynnlee and I. She was just so sad that someone had left her behind. Poor little thing! She sure is a fireball. I love being her aunt.

wpid-img_2706.jpg wpid-img_2707.jpg wpid-img_2708.jpg

Wedding Bells a Ringin’

My cute niece, Kenzie, got married this last weekend. Here are some photos from her shower and the big day. (In no particular order.)DSCF2830 DSCF2843 DSCF2850 DSCF2854 DSCF2862 IMG_2605 IMG_2611 IMG_2612 IMG_2617 IMG_2622 IMG_2626 IMG_2647 IMG_2648 IMG_2665 IMG_2685 IMG_2689 IMG_2693 IMG_2697 IMG_2698 IMG_2717


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