My heart is heavy for my dear friend right now.

A little background: Melody and I met while we were both working at Northwest Research in the Trace Department in 2012. We sat nearly back-to-back and she about drove me nuts with her singing and whistling to the radio. When we finally started talking and becoming friends, we realized we have more in common than we thought… and turns out we were both in the market for a good friend. Now I must admit, I kind of like her singing and whistling. (Ha!)

In my opinion, the best quality of Melody’s is that she is always the first person to listen and the last person to judge.

Melody’s Pop has been fighting a battle with cancer for about the last four years, and a couple of days ago, the fight finally ended. Julian was a good man. When I first met him, he gushed about how proud he is of his children. He made me feel welcome and comfortable. Such an easy going guy. Melody and her brothers and sister are a strong little bunch and they made sure their Pop was well taken care of and had the best life possible.