Picture this: I’m in 4th grade, learning of the great state of Utah and the 29 counties. (Now in song: “There are 29 counties in Utah state, I am able to name them all… Box Elder, Beaver start with letter B, Carbon, Cache county start with letter C…”) I digress.

My best friend was Lauren. We both had Lop Eared bunnies, which instantly made us best friends. Our little Lops were so cute together. I made a subconscious decision at that point that any other rabbit I would own would have to be a Lop. My little Flour bunny got attacked by my neighbor’s husky and died when I was about 11. Brandon had rabbits growing up too. He told me about how he’d put up a little play pen fence to let his bunnies out to run around. Catching them wasn’t easy, especially Brown, who was guaranteed to bite you.

Without further delay, I introduce the newest addition to the Winn Farm. He is a 7 week old Lop Eared bunny named Leo. He’s the sweetest baby!! Leo was named after one of my favorite childhood books called Leo the Lop, which is a story about being “normal.”

We fixed Leo up a little hutch in our backyard and he fits in great around our place. I think that one of the best parts of being a grown up is that I get to have as many pets as I want! (As long as it fits in the city ordinances, I suppose.) Another bonus is that Brandon loves animals, too. The dogs are friendly with Leo, but Nauti really wants to play. We keep a close eye on her; we don’t want her to get too rough.

When I took Leo to meet my parents, as soon as I said his name, my mom ran to her back room and pulled out my old book. She insisted that Leo must go home with the book, and I’m so glad! It’s a great story, and I would highly recommend it.