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Brandon, Jenn & the crew

Little Stinker!

I got to hang out with my little buddy and his mama last night. He’s a mini¬†sweetie. As soon as I picked him up last night, he snuggled in and gave me a big love. It’s fun watching him learn and grow.



Just a workin’

I designed this greeting card at work. I’m really starting to enjoy the¬†marketing aspect of this job! I had a meeting with the bosses, and they gave me a raise and told me they want me to stay long term. It’s always a good feeling to be appreciated, and I’ve been lucky enough to have many jobs that have appreciated my work.


My guy

I love my guy.



We like spending our Sundays in the mountains and enjoying nature. This week we went up Butterfield Canyon and checked out the Kennecott Copper Mine to check out the view. The leaves are changing and the colors are beautiful. Perfect place for a picnic with my family. wpid-20150927_120539.jpg wpid-20150927_121554.jpg wpid-20150927_123737.jpg wpid-20150927_123854.jpg

And that’s how you know…

Evidence of a best friend relationship. If it ever came down to it, I know Jamie would drop what she’s doing to help me. I’d do the same for her. That’s a great thing about friends. wpid-screenshot_2015-09-21-14-33-12.png

America the Beautiful!

While we were driving down State Street the other day, we saw the Midvale City Fire Department hanging this awesome flag! It makes me proud to live here and reminds me of the great blessing of freedom that we enjoy. wpid-snapchat-7813136004987499171.jpg

Sailing at Deer Creek

wpid-20150912_135946.jpg wpid-20150912_135935.jpg wpid-20150912_135940.jpg

We spent the day sailing a fun Hobe Cat with our friend Aaron and his kids, Ike and Cassie. It was a nice day, the sun was warm, and the wind was perfect for sailing. What a great way to end the sunny days of summer.

Part Timer


I picked up a part time job at NWR (Northwest Research.) I just work a few hours a week from home. They set me up with a little laptop and it works perfectly. We made it work for both the company and myself. Ketch is really getting the hang of searching. He’s already a professional, as you can see.

Coffee Cafe


This Labor Day weekend Brandon and I painted a little, and got a new kitchen table. It looks much better than our old table.

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